marquette county tornado

Tornadoes touch down in Wisconsin

July 29th, 2009 at 11:50 am by under News, Weather

It’s official…3 tornadoes touched down in the state on Monday from the severe weather that pushed through late in the day.  Two were in the far southwestern part of the state in Crawford County and Lafayette counties and one was in Marquette and Green Lake County.  That one was rated an EF-1 with maximum wind speeds of 95 mph. Patrick shows the path and had other details and Andrew showed the damage left behind

If you’ve ever wondered how the National Weather Service makes a determination about how fast the winds are in a tornado, we ran a great story on the show this morning.  It shows what a meteorologist looks for in the damage  to figure out how to rate the tornado and if in fact it even was a tornado. The one that went through Marquette and Green Lake County was rated a EF-1 which has wind speeds of 95 mph.

I got a chance to talk to members of the New Holstein High School baseball team this morning on Good Day Wisconsin.  They’re playing in the state tournament this morning and I was impressed with their spirit and character.  Good luck to the Huskies.  Win or lose they’ve had a great season!

FAMILY: Henry my 3-year-old is now going on the potty…finally! I think it’s cute when he says, “I went pee on my potty” at home but not so much when he yells it when we’re out in public.  Yes we’re very proud of the boy.  He even went #2 yesterday. Yippee.  I was afraid Henry would be wearing a diaper when he was 35 which would not be a good look for him.

Have a great day!