Good Day Road Trip Rachel Manek

GOOD things to take on a Road Trip.

August 26th, 2010 at 9:24 am by under Uncategorized

SpongeBob suckers. Individual DVD players. And this really, really cool map license game!

I will admit that I was dreading this road trip to the East Coast. But our friends had just gotten a lake house, and we had a week of vacation to do something fun with, and we really wanted to get away from our flooded yard.
To save money we decided against the plane tickets and decided to load up our trusty? SUV. I spent a little time putting together a bag of goodies for each of my daughters. Coloring books for the 2 year old. Activity books for the 8 year old. And a brand new box of crayons for each. But the one thing that really turned our trip into a fun family adventure was the License Plate Game. Now I know I could have gone old school and used paper and pen. Or I could have stepped it up a notch and gotten a paper map of the U.S.A. But this LOOKED neat, and it was made to last and it had parts that wouldn’t get lost in all the car’s crevices. Most of all.. It would be a “new” toy for Bella. And THAT is what she lives for. So.. Off we went. I didn’t expect to have to pull it out right away, but boredom set in quickly. But let me tell you. The moment I pulled that out, the hunt began in earnest. My husband dove head first into it. He wouldn’t let one car go by without checking the plates. They found Maine and Tennessee and West
Virginia. Every time he would find a new one, my daughter would squeal and say “good job Dad!” Then he would explain where to find it on the map. It was educational. And It was way cool. And it didn’t get old for TWO DAYS.

The ride home is a completely different story.