Getting around Dallas

February 5th, 2011 at 12:36 pm by under Super Bowl XLV

What did we ever do before GPS?

You may have caught my story on Thursday night about people using mobile devices to find their way around town. (If you missed the story, you can see it here.) The idea for the story was born of experience – mine. Driving around any big city’s downtown can be difficult, but I’ve found Dallas especially confusing. Besides the typical abundance of one-way roads, there are a lot of streets that seem to veer off at angles, making it difficult to determine which way to go to stay on the road. Plus, as I remarked to Paige Pearson last night while we were driving to the location for the FOX 11 News at Five and Nine, it seems like every traffic light is red when you come up to it. Add in icy and snowy roads, and it makes for a tough time getting around.

Enter my smartphone.

I’ve only had it since June, and, while I knew it had Google Maps, I didn’t know if it had turn-by-turn directions. Monday morning, I didn’t have time to try to find out, and I was late for my first live shot in Fort Worth. I must have gone about four different directions on the interstate by the time I figured out which highway I needed to be on. Luckily, I discovered my phone does in fact have turn-by-turn navigation, and the rest of the week has been much smoother.

It’s amazing how much power people are carrying around in their hands now. And how much it changes. Just a year or two ago, most people would have needed a separate GPS unit for their cars. Now, it comes standard on a lot of phones.

It’s truly a changing world.