Easy shoveling in Green Bay so far this season

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Snow EventsNo big nowThe largest snow event in Green Bay is just 3.8″ this season.  We’ve only had 2 days with 3″ snow amounts, and none with 4″.

As of January 30th we are a full 9″ behind normal for snowfall.  This is the first time in 20 years that we have not had a 6″+ snow in the months of December and January!

The 6-10 day forecast by the Climate Prediction Center is calling for below normal precipitation in western Wisconsin and near normal levels for eastern Wisconsin.

Blizzard of 2015 was remarkable for some, forgettable for others

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While Boston and much of New England has been busy digging out from up to three feet of snow just dumped into their laps, you may have heard quite the commotion coming from parts of the I-95 Corridor just a little bit south of there.

New York City, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, prepared for predictions ranging from 12-30 inches of snow, received barely half that in some cases. For Philadelphia specifically, the snow wasn’t even enough to cover long grass, coming in at about and inch and a half of the white stuff. People there have been clamoring about the storm being a bust, but look just to the north and east, and you’ll find it was anything but.

snow totals

This map isn’t precise down to every single observations, but it’s a very, very good look at what snow totals were in New England and the Mid Atlantic regions.

Take a look at eastern Long Island, eastern Massachusetts, eastern Connecticut, southeastern New Hampshire, and southern Maine. A huge swath of two-foot-plus amounts piled up in these areas, with localized totals approaching three feet. That is a TON of snow. Compound this with the winds that gusts over 70 (!) miles per hour in some coastal regions, and you truly had a blizzard to remember in these spots.

What about the areas that didn’t see as much? Well, with storms like this, a small difference in track can make a huge difference in the outcome. The predictions for storms like these have to cover hundreds of thousands of miles of area. Keeping that in mind, take a closer look at Connecticut, and how tight the snowfall gradient ended up being.

connecticut gradient

From Enfield to Thompson, CT, there’s a distance of about 34 miles. Enfield received 11.3 inches of snow; Thompson, 33.5″. So over the course of a distance roughly equal to the north-south length of Lake Winnebago, there was a difference in snowfall of nearly two feet! The distances between the haves and the have-nots in this incredible storm were incredibly small.

That said, every forecast and every storm provides and opportunity for learning, and a fairly uniform 10-12 inch snowfall across the five boroughs of New York City is still nothing to sneeze at.

For another breakdown of how the forecast stacked up to what locations actually saw, click here.

For more comprehensive snowfall totals across the region, check here for Philadelphia and New Jersey; here for New York City, Long Island, and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut; here for Boston, Eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Eastern Connecticut; and here for southern Maine.

Also included in those links are some of the powerful wind gusts that accompanied the storm. Check ‘em out! It’s not wonder that some seawalls on Cape Cod suffered damage and some areas were flooded with storm surge.

Major blizzard likely on the way for Northeastern I-95 Corridor

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It’s been a little while since Northeast Wisconsin has seen a doozy of a snowstorm, but the Northeastern United States has one knocking on their doorstep.

Blizzard Warnings are in effect all the way from coastal New Jersey (including my home town!) through the Maine’s coastal border with Canada. Just inland from those warnings, Winter Storm Warnings are in effect, and further away from the coast yet from those is a swath of Winter Weather Advisories.

The snow has already started in many places the storm is beginning to take shape, on its way to becoming a powerful Nor’Easter.

Warnings and Radar


The storm total forecast for this storm from now until the snow finally tapers off late Tuesday night is going to be extremely impressive.

Official National Weather Service forecasts are calling from 18-30+ inches of snow from northern New Jersey all the way up the I-95 corridor through Connecticut, Providence, Boston, and into coastal Maine. The highest amounts could be approaching 3 feet in Connecticut and central Massachusetts. Our very own national-grid FutureTrack model that ran this morning has a very good handle on this storm, it would appear.

futuretrack output

But high snowfall totals alone do not make for “blizzard” conditions. You need strong winds to go with that snow, and there will be plenty of those.

Sustained winds will range from 20-30 miles per hour during this storm, and gusts to 50 miles per hour or even higher are possible in places like Long Island and Cape Cod. Put it all together, and you have a recipe for truly blinding snow and drifts that could pile up to more than twice what the actual snowfall is.

futuretrack winds

It’s a storm that’s going to bear close monitoring over the next 36 hours as it strengthens and the snow piles up.

We have a tool on FOX 11 Online that lets you watch the latest weather conditions there live on our website, which you can find here.


What is the coldest temperature ever recorded in Green Bay?

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127 years ago today (1/21/1888) Green Bay experienced its coldest temperature ever  -36 degrees.  This season our coldest temperature has been just -12.  While -36 is cold, it’s been much colder in Northwest Wisconsin.  -55 is the coldest temperature recorded in the badger state, that was set in 1996 in the village of Couderay located in Sawyer County.

Looking nationally, the coldest temperature in the continental U.S.A. was -70 in Rogers Pass, Montana.

When you include Alaska the coldest temperature is -80 at Prospect Creek Camp near the Arctic Circle.

Looking for more cold weather facts?  Grab a blanket some hot coco and then CLICK HERE.

Ice Bowl ’67 is still #1 by many degrees

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You may have seen the graphic yesterday on FOX’s coverage calling the Packers- Dallas game at Lambeau Sunday “Ice Bowl 2″.  But how did this game stack up weather-wise with the real Ice Bowl back in 1967 when the game time temperature was -13 degrees. We look at the facts by averaging the temperatures, wind speeds and wind chill from 1967 and 2015.  Notice the average temperature was 38 degrees warmer and the average wind chill was an unbelievable 55 degrees warmer than 1967.  So you make the call…was it really Ice Bowl 2? (Thanks to meteorologist Phil DeCastro for these graphics)  Click here for pictures of the original Ice Bowl.

Temperature Difference was 38°

Temperature Difference was 38°

Stronger Winds during 1967 Ice Bowl

Stronger Winds during 1967 Ice Bowl

"Feels Like" temperature 55° warmer in 2015

“Feels Like” temperature 55° warmer in 2015






Snow Then Cold…Again!

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Be careful this afternoon because the accumulating snow we’ll get combined with the bitterly cold temperatures will make the roads very slippery.  At temperatures this low, salt is not going to melt the snow and we’ll see 2 to 4 inches of accumulation by this evening.  It’ll be coming down during the afternoon commute as well so please allow yourself extra time if you must head out on the roads.

We’re right back into the deep freeze tonight with a low near -3 and wind chills near -25.  Tomorrow’s high will reach zero.  Things improve this weekend with the high on Game Day Sunday at 20 degrees.

Snow totals by thurs eveningWind Chill Forecast Friday

Warming up after a frigid start to December

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Warmer air moved in overnight and winds diminished making it feel much better this morning.  Our low for the day was at 10 pm last night (zero in Green Bay) but after that temperatures rose.  Today’s highs will be near 30 after highs yesterday were about 20 degrees below normal. (Normal high is 34 for this time of year) The next 7 days look much better with highs reaching the mid 30s by the weekend.

Warmer overnight 1Highs Monday 1TEMPS 1

A cold November leads into cold start for December

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12-1-14 morning lows

Low temperatures this morning dipped down into the single digits this morning, with wind chill values ranging from -10 to -20 degrees. It was a truly frigid way to start the month.

Thankfully, the lows this morning weren’t anywhere near record values. Green Bay’s low of 5 degrees was still a full 15 degrees above the record of -11, set back in 1893.

But the cold weather wasn’t anything we haven’t become accustomed to over the course of this November, which just concluded on Sunday. It was a little bit closer to re-writing some record books.

november temp comparison

Green Bay ended up with the 5th-coldest November on record with an average of 28.5 degrees over the course of the month. It’s about 6 degrees cooler than usual.

Thankfully it was still a few degrees warmer than the coldest November on record, which was in 1951.

And the one bit of good news about this cold snap today to start December is that it doesn’t look to continue for much longer. Temperatures should rebound to near 30 for Tuesday, and by this weekend we could be seeing highs back up into the 30s.

Brandy Snow Totals

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Winter Storm Brandy left behind 3 to 7 inches of snow in many locations.   Here are the updated snow totals from Brandy as of 10 am Tuesday.  How much snow did you get in your backyard?  Facebook me  or go to our reportit feature and send a snow total and/or pictures.  Thanks to Amy from Wittenberg and Samantha from Denmark for sending us these great shots from Winter Storm Brandy.   For more photos click here.

PP Snow BrandyPP Snow Brandy 2PP Snow Brandy 3PIC_1093Samantha Denmark

Record-Breaking November Cold

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The record-breaking cold ends today and a warmer weekend is ahead. Strong southwest winds will bring warmer air into the area overnight causing the temperature to rise to near 32 by 6am.

Record cold highs yesterday and record lows today were achieved in many locations and today will mark 10 straight November days below freezing and that’s a new record.

Records Green Bay Consecutive Days Below Freezing 9Lows Friday