A GOOD time to set new goals

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I do it every Monday. And I do it every January 1st. On Mondays I start over on my diet. And on the first of the year I make those crazy resolutions. Crazy, I say, because who really keeps them?

I did one year. Maybe because I wrote them down while a friend was watching.
By the end of the year, when we got together I was so proud at how many I had accomplished. I had set 10 goals. And accomplished most of them. The ones I failed on are the same ones I make every year: lose weight, get organized, get financially fit.

Well I’m making them again. The same ones. Whether I say they are my resolutions or not, they are the three things I want for myself.

And I have one more for 2010. I resolve to blog once a week.

It won’t be easy, but looking over my list, it might be the one that I can actually accomplish.

Good luck to you all! And Happy New Year!

Ask.. and you shall receive GOOD cleaning advice.

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All I said was “Zoe got a hold of a Sharpie marker”. That’s all I needed to say. Moms all over Northeast Wisconsin responded with a “been there” and a helpful hint or two to remove the offending marks.

So here’s a list I compiled from email, voice mail, facebook and actual face-to-face encounters.

WD-40 (which it seems is made from fish oil_
hairspray (cheaper the better)
vodka (the older the better)
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (lots of votes. don’t use on skin)
Zout laundry spray
Rubbing Alcohol
Peanut Butter (for stains on clothes)
Spin n Span
Mom’s Magical Goop
Motsenbockers #3
“Awesome” (at Dollar Tree)

Thank you! And stay tuned… I’ll let you know if it works!

A GOOD reason to get a mammogram.

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Her name is Laurie and she lives on the Lakeshore.. And she has breast cancer.
I met her and her family while I was waiting for my car at Bellin Hospital.
I had just gotten my very first mammogram.
I almost felt guilty for having my “you’re okay!” note in my hand.

The whole ordeal was pretty uneventful.. Until I met Laurie.

She was wearing a pink hat to cover the fact that she had lost her hair.

But what was most memorable about meeting her was her positive attitude.

She told me (in the 4 minutes or so that we talked) that she had originally gone in for a colonoscopy. (If I remember correctly, it was because a family member had been diagnosed with colon cancer.)

After the all clear on the colonoscopy.. Her docs suggested while she was there she should have a mammogram.

And that’s when they found the breast cancer.

Laurie looks like she’s my age. Her kids are older.. Maybe in middle and high school. But my age!

That’s when it hit me .. How lucky I was to have that piece of good news in my hand.

But it was lucky for her, too, that her doctor urged her to get that mammogram.

It actually took me a year to finally do it. My doctor’s office kept calling to remind me and I kept putting it off. I don’t know what I was worried about. I was in and out of there in about 20 minutes. And it DID NOT HURT. I repeat.. DID NOT HURT. Maybe it’s because I breast fed my children.. but it was a piece of cake.

So here’s my October is Breast Cancer Awareness message for you. GET A MAMMOGRAM.

Laurie did.. And it saved her life.

Battle of the gardeners! A GOOD deal either way.

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And now a story about impatiens. In my previous post I shared a photo of my poor attempt at starting plants from seed. In fact, it looked as if all the impatiens seedlings drowned. Then one day I noticed that something was growing. And check this out. From ONE seed.. I got this an entire container full of pink impatiens.


Just imagine what I can do next year with an ENTIRE SEED PACKET of impatiens seeds!!!

And that is my story of my $1 impatiens.

Along the way Good Day Wisconsin’s executive producer also tried to grow flowers and veggies from seed. You’ll soon read why she failed. You’ll also learn how she found a way to still gardens on a budget.


I also started planting seeds when Rachel did, but I didn’t have the patience to keep up with them.
But to be honest, I didn’t give them the care they needed, plus my dog Lambeau got hungry and ate some of the seeds, dirt and all.
So I decided to scratch the seeds and buy plants with buds already on them, those she stayed away from for the most part, except she did get to a hosta I bought before I got it planted in the ground.
I started enjoying planting when I was in high school, my friend Cara and I got a job at a local greenhouse and learned so much. We worked throughout the winter, ironically, planting seeds. And once spring came, that’s when we got to see all of our hard work come to life, the colors and smells throughout the greenhouse were amazing.
I learned a lot in the many years I worked there, but I also have learned a lot while planting at home.
Here are some of my tips, wait until the end of May and early June to get things planted. This is also safe, considering we get frost sometimes late in May.
Watch for sales, I didn’t buy any plants that were full price.
My best purchase, a flat of impatiens for $10.


Another thing I learned, shop around. I probably bought flowers from 6 different stores and greenhouses.
I also fertilized on a weekly basis, from June through August.
And if you’re planting in large containers, instead of filling it all with potting soil, my dad found some styrofoam for me, so we broke that down and filled the containers about 3/4 of the way and then added soil to the top, so I saved on potting soil and if you have to move the container, it’s much lighter.

GOOD effort. So So Garden.

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Today is the first day of fall. For many of you .. It’s harvest season. The tomatoes are ripe on the vine! So how did your garden do this year? Were you successful? We expected to see a lot of first time gardeners this year with people trying to save money. First lady Michelle Obama tried to inspire us at the beginning of the growing season by showing off the White House garden. So.. I decided to give it a try. But remember this picture from an earlier blog?


“Diseased” is how horticulturist Mark Konlock described my seeds. But I persevered. I transplanted the good ones. Took some fresh seeds and planted them directly in the ground. And look! Some success! (Despite the efforts of one very annoying rabbit)


I also bought some starter tomato plants from a neighbor with a bright green thumb. $1.25 each and they are amazing. Especially the ones I planted directly in the ground and not in containers. (Yellow Pear on left. Brandywine on right)


So here’s what I learned:

*Gardening takes a lot of time and WATER!!!

*You CAN save $$.

*BUNNIES destroy plants.

*The “fruits” of your labor are very rewarding.

The Swine Flu.. or just the GOOD ol’ fashioned kind?

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Took firstborn to doctor yesterday to see what’s up. She was home from school all week with a sore throat, then fever, then cough. Doctor checked her out and said “yep, it could be swine flu.”

 So it it?? We’ll never know. We could have gotten a culture taken and sent off to the lab. But the results take 5 to 7 days!! By then I hope to have her BACK IN SCHOOL where she belongs. I talked to another doc who said there is a “rapid” test but it’s not very accurate.belladocfixframe

The vaccine isn’t available around here. And the treatment can give you the same symptoms as the flu itself.

So.. We walked out with advice to get rest and plenty of fluids. I felt so bad for bringing my germ infested daughter to the doctor’s office.

And I feel bad for Bella. She LOVES LOVES LOVES school. And was so excited to start second grade. Her new school outfit has been sitting out all week long. Waiting. I mean she loves school so much that she squealed when I told her I was picking up some homework from her teacher and bringing it home with me.

Bottom line. Lots of questions about the H1N1 and we will hopefully get some answers next week. Dr. Al will join us live on Good Day Wisconsin on Tuesday with some helpful information. Until then.. Wash your hands thoroughly. (I know that’s what he would say)

12th coolest summer on record

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It might feel like summer just started, but today marks the official start of the meteorological Fall. It leaves behind a season full of records.

The average temperature during the meteorological summer, which runs from June through August, was 65.2°. That number may not mean a lot to you, but it means that this summer was the 12th coolest on record!
Not only was it cool, but we haven’t had a lot of precipitation. When you don’t get precipitation, it is hard to get severe weather. The only reports of severe weather this summer were on July 27th, when Green Lake County experienced a weak tornado and small hail. It was the first time on record, that there was no report of severe weather in the month of June.

The National Weather Service, in Green Bay, only issued 29 severe weather warnings this summer. The next fewest ever issued in a summer was 83 in 1997.

Of course it is still possible to get severe weather over the next couple of months, but attention will start to shift towards cooler temperatures.

The average high for this time of year is 75°, but by the last day of the meteorological fall, which is November 30th, the average high is only 35°. During the same time period, the average low falls from 53° to 19°.
If you aren’t quite ready for the cooler temperatures, the good news is that warm weather is ahead over the next week. Meanwhile, the Climate Prediction Center, thinks that above average temperatures will continue over the next three months. This doesn’t mean that every day will have warm temperatures, but as a general consensus, the CPC believes that temperatures will trend warmer than cooler.
But even with above average temperatures, the mercury will continue to slide over the next few months, and the form of precipitation will shift from rain to snow. In fact, Green Bay has even seen a trace of snow by the third week of September. However, on average the first measurable snowfall, doesn’t occur till November 11th.
Until Next Time,

Meteorologist Andrew Thut

Too much of a GOOD thing

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Social media, that is. I can’t keep up! I just got “yelled” at for not blogging. Truth is.. I haven’t blogged since I got hooked on Twitter. And.. Just yesterday I created a Facebook page. So with all the blogging, the tweeting, the updating and the posting something has got to give. Not to mention I anchor the news for four hours. And I’m working on a big piece for the MDA telethon that is due next week. (I can’t wait to tell you more about the woman I met who has ALS)

So that’s what happened to my blog.

Have a great weekend!

A Different Kind of Camping: Packers Training Camp Day 1 and 2

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A Different Kind of Camping


   Welcome back to Packers Training Camp!  It’s a whole new look this year- for everyone involved.  For the players, the new field takes a little getting used to, but the slipping and sliding around of the first day seemed to get a little better on day two of camp.  For the fans, it’s a much better view of camp, as they have a place to watch that is a little more comfortable than dodging the traffic on Oneida.  With the raised stands, they get a better view, and can hear the players better as well.   For the media, it isn’t that much different, though we have a nice afternoon shade spot, thanks to the Don Hutson Center.

   Sunday was offensive penalty day at camp.  Not officially, of course, but it could have been.  False starts, illegal snaps, poor play.  At one point I thought Aaron Rodgers was going to pop someone.  Still, lots of time left in camp to clean that up.  Even with the new system being put in place, the defense looks to be ahead of the offense right now.  Some players have been standing out- Jeremy Thompson looks good in coverage- he told me he lost some weight, trying to get quicker- though he hasn’t be able to get by the likes of Chad Clifton.  No one gets by Chad Clifton in training camp, by the way.  They just don’t.

      Hopefully the kinks will be worked out as they go along.   Hit of camp so far, by the way, Nick Collins giving DeShawn Wynn a forearm shot and de-cleated him!   We’ll hopefully get more fun as the days go on.

GOOD wine-ing. No whining.

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Once again I’m needing a vacation from my vacation. I was gone for a glorious four days. Four days of no whining in wine country. California was beautiful, relaxing, delicious. But. the amount of time it took me to plan and get ready for it was crazy. And the time it’s going to take me to unpack and do all the laundry is even crazier. Each one of us had a bag to pack. The girls went to two separate homes while we were away. I have my bag. And my husband has his. I could unpack his bag for him. But I don’t. And I won’t. I do the girls bags and that’s enough. Plus who wants to deal with post vacation funk. You know.. dirty laundry that gets shoved in every corner of the bag.. pretty much “infecting” the clothes you didn’t wear.

Well I need to come clean about one thing. Both girls came home with CLEAN clothes. And.. Clean bodies. How lucky am I. So really no excuses. But if I can’t whine on my blog.. Where can I?

Now for some info you can use if you ever happen to be in the area of Napa.

Vacation Highlights:

Carneros Inn & Spa (Bikes, Bocce & the Boon Fly Cafe.)

Turnbull Winery. (Say hi to C.J. for me.)

Celadon restaurant in Napa (Loved the mussels.)

Horizons Restaurant in Sausalito. (Try the fish tacos!)

Ferry from Sausalito to San Francisco. (great views)

B44 restaurant in San Francisco (Terrific Tapas)