How We Pick Winter Storm Names

November 12th, 2013 at 9:50 am by under News, Weather

The 2013-2014 Winter Storm Names have been released continuing a more than quarter century tradition here at FOX 11. Naming snow storms started in the late 80s by former Chief Meteorologist John Chandik who used the names of local cities and towns for many years.  About 10 years ago we started picking popular male and female names, the way hurricanes are named.

In case you’re wondering who picks the names…that would be me.  I run it by my boss after I put the initial list together and sometimes we tweak it a bit.  I try to use popular names from different decades (the social security list of names comes in handy)  so that all generations get a chance to have a storm named after them.  For instance Alice was popular in the 50s and 60s (and becoming popular again) and Braden in the 2000s; Joseph in the 90s.  I’ve also heard from a number of people who would like to have a continuation of names into the next year so that we would see some winter storms that start with  the letter “P” or “S”.  Others would like me to start with “Z” and go backward.  Although I didn’t do that this year, I’ll consider it for next season.  Below you’ll find the names and the factors the FOX 11 meteorologists use to determine if a storm should get a name.

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