Record Dew Point in Green Bay

July 18th, 2013 at 12:26 pm by under News, Weather

The high humidity we’ve been experiencing with dew points in the mid 70s, got me wondering;  “what was the highest dew point ever recorded in Green Bay?”

Officially the answer is 83° on July 30, 1999.  Isn’t that unbelievable! I mean I’ve been suffering with the dew points in the 70s this week.  I can’t remember that particular day but according to records it happened at 3 pm and the temperature was 96° for a heat index value of 121° (I’m assuming I was inside with the  air conditioning on taking a nap which is probably why I don’t remember it)

The second place dew point temperature is 81° set on two days… July 13, 1995 when the high temperature reached a scorching 102° and the heat index topped out at 121°; and July 18, 2011 (Two years ago today) when the high temperature was 91° and the heat index reached 105°

As I said above, these are “official” statistics.  If you search the internet looking for the highest dew point ever in the United States you may come upon a story that has Appleton listed as one of the top dew points with 90° on July 13, 1995.  I put in a call to Jeff Last, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Green Bay the other day  and asked him about it because it sure sounded high to me.  He explained that it was indeed an “un-official” measurement because the Appleton site has a surface weather observing station called an AWOS (Automated Weather Observing System) as opposed to an ASOS (Automated Surface Observing System) for Green Bay.  The ASOS is maintained and calibrated more often and is official National Weather Service equipment.  The AWOS information is used for records at times by the NWS but when the data is compared to other nearby sites and deemed unreliable then it is not considered official.  The 90° dew point is probably much too high for that particular day and time especially considering the dew point in Green Bay at that time (5pm) was 79°.

Now that sure was a long-winded explanation but unlike the weather this week, I don’t think it’s just a lot of hot air.

The Highest Dew Points in Green Bay

The Highest Dew Points in Green Bay


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