Packers legacy Stills competitive with dad

February 22nd, 2013 at 1:08 pm by under Sports

Kenny Stills is not alone looking to be better than dad. In his case, however, that means trying to top former Packers and Badgers safety Ken Stills, who played in Green Bay from 1985 to 1989. The younger Stills is a wide receiver coming out of Oklahoma, projected to be a mid-round pick. Growing up, however, he dreamed of batting down passes like his dad, not reeling them in for scores.

On if he always wanted to be a receiver.
In high school, I wished I was a little bigger and had more size to play defense. I didn’t mind playing receiver and I love scoring touchdowns.

Why did he want to play defense?

Because my dad played safety in the NFL for 7 years. Just to be better than him, I was always competing with him. Playing safety and being a big hitter was something I always enjoyed and thought I could do.

What’s his relationship like with his dad?

Always him talking about his playing days, reminiscing. Now that I’m a receiver, me telling him he’d never be able to guard me. He’d always talk about his younger days, being able to cover me. We’ve always had a really good relationship and it’s always been really competitive.

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