It’s official, I’m one of those crazy dog people

November 9th, 2012 at 11:56 am by under Uncategorized, Weather

Yes, I can now be grouped in with the “crazy dog” people.  Phoebe, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi just turned 1 year old.  My step daughter Sarah made her a doggie birthday cake (mostly peanut butter and carrots).  My wife added the party hat, while I was happily snapping pictures the entire time. 

  I’ve been a dog enthusiast from way back.  But when my Labrador Retriever passed I tried going without a dog.  I thought that some new carpeting would be nice.  No dog hair would mean a cleaner house, and I’d save money on dog sitters.  Looking back now those were some silly ideas.  2 weeks of being dog-less and I was suffering from “empty nest syndrome”, or as my wife simply put it I was “freaking out”.  I really missed the pitter patter of paws, the sloppy kisses, the constantly wagging tail, even the fur that coated my work suits.  I found a home with no dog is a truly empty place.  Now my wife was not ready for another dog (she was still missing our Lab).  So I played dirtiest of tricks and emailed her a picture of a new litter of Corgi puppies.  My underhanded email worked and the next day we were in agreement, we are getting a puppy!

  We visited Phoebe and the rest of the puppies once a week as they grew from gerbil looking things into miniature Corgi’s.  At around 6 weeks the puppies ears started popping up into the traditional Corgi pose ^ ^ and we were so proud of our little pup.  New Year’s Day is when our family became complete again and Phoebe came home.  It’s been a doggie love affair ever since.

  Phoebe (aka “The Phoeb’s”…. aka “Fuzzy Butt”….. aka “Big Ears” aka….. aka “My Little Girl”) is a smart dog and loves her toys and chewing the stuffing out of them.  Tug-of-war is a game she always wants to play, and when she does, she makes a most ferocious growl.  I think it’s her way of acting bigger than the 18 pounds she sports.  But her favorite activity of all is catching Frisbees.  She can’t jump very high but she is quite a speedster and catches most of the disks thrown her way.   Although Phoebe like us a lot, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately, she seems lonely.  I think she needs a little brother or sister to keep her company.  It may be time to reach into my bag of tricks and email some puppy pictures to Carol.  When it comes to dogs I don’t fight fair.  ;-)

  If you are looking for some companionship I highly recommend dogs, though cats are nice too.  This link will help you search for you perfect pup or kitty from shelters across Wisconsin and the U.S.  If you have not had an animal before I encourage you to go to a shelter and ask lots of question about what you need to do as an owner.  If a dog fits into your life I highly recommend getting one.  There are a lot brown eyed fuzzy wiggle butts waiting for a forever home!    

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  1. Highly descriptive blog, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part

  2. austin homeboy says:

    cute puppy awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  3. Denise says:

    Talk about crazy!!!!

    So, my son hassles me excessively about redecorating my house, so wait until you hear this!!

    He had a Golden Retriever (100 lbs) which I now have. Guess what his replacement dog is? A Pappilion who weighs & lbs. he named herLily, and she is a cute little thing for sure, but just imagine my face when he cuddles her in his arms where she is adorned with bedazzled pink attire. Now, to paint a true picture, he is 6′ and built like a football player!

    If that was not enough, he decides to purchase a new truck so that she can be seen by others as be drives her around town. He purchased a pink booster seat do that she could sit next to him and be able to see out of his truck.

    Given he is a truck guy, I was not surprised to hear that he bought a truck, but was surprised to hear that he selected the silver truck over the red as he said ‘Lily looks best in the silver truck as it shows her eyes better and it coordinates with her pink bows better.’

    Okay, I am not one to judge here, but seriously?!! He pulls up to show me his new truck, jumps out of the truck and he is wearing a pink shirt with rhinestones saying ‘Lily’s Proud Daddy’. Oh my gosh….thought it was way over the top and then I saw Lily had on her shirt ‘I love my Daddy’

    I thought I saw and heard it all until today he told me that he has been riding his bike. I initially thought that was great until he proceeded to tell me he bought a basket for the front bars for Lily so she could go on bike rides with him’!

    Oh my!’

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