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Given the number of recent phone calls, emails and messages we’ve received about where our station is – and now is not – being carried, I thought I would try to explain the issues for everyone.

First, some background:

Industry-wide, the country is divided into 210 markets. The largest is New York City, with Glendive, Montana, the smallest. The Green Bay-Appleton market is the 69th largest, with about 445,000 television homes. Each market has defined boundaries. Our has 17 counties.

However, our market does not include Sheboygan County – which is in the Milwaukee market. And it doesn’t include Michigan’s Upper Peninsula beyond Menominee County.

Why is that important?

The Fox Network is enforcing contract language with companies that retransmit our signal – i.e. TimeWarner or Charter Cable – that only the affiliate for that market be provided on a channel lineup. As such, our signal has been removed from the channel lineups in those areas I mentioned, such as Sheboygan, where just WITI will be provided.

This is not something that is being done at our request, despite the claims of some providers. And we aren’t particularly pleased to losing some of our faithful viewers.

While the Fox Network programming may be the same on WLUK as it is on WITI, many other shows – particularly our newscasts, football shows and ‘Living With Amy’ – are unique to our station. If a cable company chose to carry our signal for our local programs, they would have to block out all the network shows that are duplicated from FOX – and cable companies typically do not provide a channel when they have to block out so many programs.

Viewers losing us through a cable or other provider could try to get our signal with an antenna, but we cannot guarantee success given the distances involved.

We would offer this advice, however: make sure to get an antenna that receives a VHF signal. As assigned by the FCC, WLUK’s broadcast signal is on Channel 11.1. The other stations in the market all use UHF signals (i.e. WBAY is on 23.1). Some stores sell antennae that only receive UHF, so that won’t help you trying to reach us.

Switching providers – such as from cable to satellite – won’t help, either.

The network is not “picking” on WLUK. In fact, we would expect that in Fond du Lac County – which is part of our market – that systems there will be seeing WITI removed from the lineup at some point in the near future for the same reason.

As for why the network would do this, it comes down to protecting the local affiliate within a select market.

If a viewer in Sheboygan County watches “American Idol” on WLUK and records that with Nielsen, we do not get ratings credit for it because it’s outside our market. And because that viewer didn’t watch WITI, they can’t get credit. So, the local affiliate doesn’t get any credit for a viewer that watched American Idol. With Fox 11 taken off the Charter system, now viewers there will have to watch WITI for American Idol – and the station and network will get the appropriate credit.

We know it may not make a lot of sense. The Sheboygan high schools are in a conference with the Green Bay schools, for example. Or maybe you just like our newscasts better. We thank you for that. However, in this case, we are the ones being caught in the middle.

You can still check out many of our stories and features at fox11online.com or through our Facebook page. We do not stream entire newscasts due to a variety of video rights issues.

We again want to offer our thanks to the viewers that we have served over the years.

11 Responses to “WHERE DID FOX 11 GO?”

  1. Mrs Renee says:

    But we miss Amy!!!

  2. Lynn says:

    More beauracratic bull crap!! It all boils down to the almighty dollar. This is not the first time providers have pulled or dropped stations. it certianly won’t be the last.

  3. Christina Armstrong says:

    Yes, I am very sad about this too, originally from Menominee, MI I always watched WLUK, I then moved to Green Bay and got more into WLUK. I love my pete and patrick! Now that I live in Sheboygan I no longer get to watch my favorite news.. I even tried to buy the most expensive anntena money could buy and still nothing. Still sad, but I do still follow WLUK online and love to have a few of the reports on FB helps too! Can’t wait to move back to GB so I can see you guys again.

  4. Al says:

    I appreciate that your explanation was actually easy to understand. Thank you.

  5. Lynn says:

    We’ve stayed with our cable provider to get both Milwaukee and Green Bay broadcast networks. If this changes, no reason to stay with cable anymore! Like the Green Bay for Packers, of course!

  6. Debbie says:

    Lynn, it is not your cable providers fault, it is the Fox Network’s decision to do this and it just does not seem fair, we should have been given a choice as to do we want the Green Bay station or the Milwaukee station, bet the Green Bay station would have won!

  7. Pam Matson says:

    Our cable company is getting so bad that I think I will get rid of everything and read instead. We the customers should have a say on what we want to watch.The only choice I have is to bow down to the powers that be or quit watching television. I am going to quit watching and I hope a lot of other people do too.

  8. Cindy says:

    Grew up in Fox Cities with Channel 11 moved in 1982 was always faithful viewer so miss my Channel 11 News …

  9. Ryan says:

    I too am in disbelief that this happened. Unfornately someone is however benefiting from this injustice. My best advice to EVERYONE is to contact your provider and also the fox network HQ(not WLUK as they are caught in the middle)such as I did and complain as EVERYONES voices combined can make a difference. Besides on a seperate note if your paying for something such as we have for a very long time and it suddenly gets taken away such as they did shouldnt we be compinsated for it accordingly(I did just that and was compinsated for this injustice).

  10. Geo Guenther says:

    I have an air antenna west of Peshtigo and one time you are on and the next you are not, the not are when the Packers are playing forcing to go somewhere else to watch the game. I am not happy with what you have done. It was better before you went to digital. HD by butt-

  11. Brian Kerhin says:

    Geo – It was not our choice to move to a digital signal, that was mandated by the FCC. If you need help getting our signal, please call our engineers at 920-494-8711 during business hours.

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