Rain now, Sun later 072712

July 27th, 2012 at 11:30 am by under News, Weather

Wow what a difference 10 days makes!  In the middle of the month we were keeping track in the weather office of driest Julys in Green Bay thinking we were headed for a record-breaker.  Just 10 days later we are more than 2.5″ above normal for the month.  That really helps the drought around here.  Unfortunately that hasn’t been the situation in all of the viewing area.  Even though there has been at least a little rain to the south, it’s still not nearly enough for Green Lake and parts of Winnebago county.  Check out the before and after pictures Director Greg Bins took of the Eureka lock.  Overflowing in May but sitting low now.  Rain will end this afternoon and it should be a dry and beautiful weekend. ..beautiful that is for those who got the rain.  It’s all relative isn’t it.

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