Stormy Weather Headed For Wisconsin

April 14th, 2012 at 10:03 am by under Weather

Stormy weather is headed for Wisconsin, but first it will hit the central plains, in the heart of tornado alley.  There is a high risk Saturday for severe weather from Nebraska, through Kansas, and into Oklahoma.  Devastating long lived tornadoes are possible in the risk area.  

Wisconsin will see showers and thunderstorms Saturday night, but those should be below severe levels, causing lightning, gusty winds, and pea sized hail.  Heavy downpours will actually help relieve many areas that are very dry.


A low pressure system and warm front will be the focus for more thunderstorm activity Sunday afternoon.  Most of Wisconsin is under a slight risk for severe weather Sunday.  The primary threat from these storms will be damaging winds; however large hail and a few tornadoes are also possible.


The Fox11 weather team will be tracking these storms.  Make sure your weather radio is on and equipped with fresh batteries.  Meteorologist Phil DeCastro will have the latest forecast on Fox11 News @ 9pm.


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  1. bill brown says:

    im sorry i thought the forecast called for rain yesterday afternoon, complete with thunder, uh… i must have slept through it AGAIN, i would have at least liked to have seen a little more than what you guys said we were gonna have, just like the winter storms you predicted Wrong again, but dont worry you will get it right, just keep prracticing.

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