February, 2012

Chilly For Sturgeon Opener Saturday

February 10th, 2012 at 9:10 am by under Weather

The trek to your ice shanty will be a cold one tomorrow.  Temperatures will be near ten degrees at 6:30am, but strong WNW winds (15-20 mph) will keep chills near negative fourteen.  Skies will be partly cloudy through the day.  Slightly warmer and sunny conditions are expected Sunday.

Man in the Moon & Clear Skies 020812

February 8th, 2012 at 8:55 am by under News, Weather

Did you see the full moon last night or this morning? Just beautiful. That’s called the “Snow” moon although we don’t have a lot of snow to go along with it. In fact that full moon got so close this morning during the show, we could actually see the man in the moon (with a little help that is).  Grab the sunglasses as you head out today because we’ll see abundant sunshine courtesy of a high pressure area that builds to our west.  This will bring clear skies through Thursday then a cold front will drop down from Canada and give us a chilly weekend with high temperatures near 22 and lows in the single-digits. 

Belt brings Spartan pride to young wrestlers

February 7th, 2012 at 5:35 pm by under Sports

Wrestling can take some extra motivation, and for Luxemburg-Casco, Aaron Rodgers is bringing it; or at least his touchdown dance.

The Spartans wrestling program caps off with their top-ranked high schoolers, but in what seemingly everyone called “The Program,” Luxemburg-Casco has a booming youth wrestling program with kids as young as four-years old.

That’s where the “Hardest Working Sucker” comes in, pictured to the right.  18-year-olds need not apply for the belt, it goes to the young wrestler who worked the hardest in practice.  Coaches make an effort to spread the honor around.

The “Sucker” award comes with, of course, a lollipop.

Two rules for the wrestler who wins, a youth coach told me: whom ever wins has to wear the belt to class the next day.  Helps bring up enrollment and, come on, it’s a sweet belt.  The other rule?  When you win and put on the belt for the first time, you have to do Rodgers’ “Discount Double Check”-belt move.

During practice, as you see in the picture, the belt watches over the young wrestlers from a padded post in the middle of the wrestling room.  Luxemburg-Casco head coach Bob Berceau credits the school’s youth program with his team’s consistent success.

Cracks in the ice of the Bay and Lake 020712

February 7th, 2012 at 9:06 am by under News, Weather

The warm weather we’ve had lately is doing a number on the ice around here.  Satellite images of the ice taken yesterday show large cracks on the Bay of Green Bay and Lake Winnebago.  A rescue on the Bay took place yesterday when 7 men were  stranded after a crack grew.  A 3 year-old child was also with the group.  The ice on Lake Winnebago is also not safe.  All experts say that the ice is Never Completely Safe and with the mild weather we’ve had, that is never truer.  Don’t endanger yourself and those around you.  Cold weather is moving in today and again this weekend which could help the conditions.

Cooler Today 020712

February 7th, 2012 at 6:45 am by under News, Weather

There’s a bite in the air and temperatures are dropping on strong north winds at 10-20 mph today.  Temperatures will hold steady at about 28° but wind chills will be in the teens so bundle up.  We are coming off a string of very mild days with a high of 44 in Green Bay on Saturday; 38° on Sunday and 40° yesterday. Now we are dealing with the effects of the passage of a cold front and very chilly air.  An area of high pressure to our west will bring fair weather and sunshine the next couple of days then another shot of cold air will drop into the area Friday and be with us through the weekend.  We may see some snow showers or flurries late Thursday into Friday as the front moves through but it shouldn’t amount to much at all. Grab the scarf and have a great day!

Clouds Today; Sun Appears Sat. 020312

February 3rd, 2012 at 8:03 am by under News, Weather

Cloudy skies will be the rule for us over the next day and a half but we’ll finally see the sun by mid-morning tomorrow.  The temperatures will continue to be well above normal (Normal High is 25°) into early next week.   A major storm to our southwest is bringing snow and wind to Colorado, Kansas and into Nebraska and Iowa over the next 24 hours.  An area of high pressure to our west will keep this system from moving farther to the north so we should just get some clouds from the storm but no snow.  Have a great weekend!