A winter storm will hit Wisconsin Tuesday

February 26th, 2012 at 10:35 am by under Weather

A winter storm will hit Wisconsin Tuesday.  There is a lot of moisture with this storm so heavy snow will fall in parts of  the state.  The big question is where will the heavy snow fall?  Sunday morning computer forecasts show the rain/snow line running from west to east right through the middle of NE Wisconsin.  That would mean the southern half of NE Wisconsin will see rain, while the north would get pounded with heavy wet snow.  A 40 mile shift in this rain/snow line would mean huge changes to your forecast.  The storm is currently off the coast of Northern California.  We’ll have a much better handle on the storms strength and snow amounts on Monday.  OK, so you still want snow numbers hu?  This is just one computer model estimate of snow, and the forecast will most likely change, so take this with a big grain of salt! Marinette 16”, Green Bay 10”, Oshkosh 4”.  Stay tuned to Fox11 News tonight at 9pm for the latest forecast.

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  1. G-ma terrinelson says:

    I’m not liking this possibility, Pete! Would prefer rain over snow. Hope it fizzles out b4 it gets here!!

  2. black river says:

    Seriously????? I said Seriously???? they always say we are in for a doozy, and we GET NOTHING, NOT EVEN A SLIGHT DUSTING, im sick and tired of these weatherman getting everyone panicking and then when the bid day arrives ” well it looks like the storm will b to our North” or ” well southerly winds are pushing the storm out of our viewing are. i wanna storm i want a huge storm, just 1, then i will b happy

    1. Tara says:

      Give them a break….I’d rather be prepared and not get it then to have a major dump with no warning at all. The only thing completely predictable about the weather is its unpredictability!

  3. black river says:

    oh yeah, btw i just went to the wfrv forecast and it calls for sunny skies tues and wednesday with no precipitation expected, see even the weathermen cant agree on what its gonna b like

    1. Ktown says:

      I looked at wfrv forecase too. although they have sunny skies on tues and wednesday, their front page on the weather talks about the snow storm coming in tuesday night into wednesday and the ‘wintery whallop’ approaches. so it looks like they are in agreement with the other weathermen around town but perhaps didn’t update their extended forecast. Fox 11 is my favorite weatherstation – those guys are usually pretty gosh darn accurate, so keep up the good work Doug and team!

  4. Doug Higgins says:

    We (Fox11 Meteorologist) have named 1, I repeat only 1 storm this year. We name the storm before the snow arrives, so saying that Fox11 meteorologist “always say we are in for a doozy, and we GET NOTHING, NOT EVEN A SLIGHT DUSTING” is incorrect.

    Now to be fair we did predict (in November) a record breaking snow season, obviously that didn’t happen. But that was a seasonal outlook; our day to day forecasts are excellent.

    If you have ever watched a forecast with me (Doug Higgins) on Good Day Wisconsin on the weekends I’ve often commented on how quiet, mild, and boring our weather has been. I don’t believe those words would cause people to get in a panic, unless you have a business that relies on snowfall.

    1. Doug Higgins says:

      Oh and if you read the blog above, which was written on Sunday morning, this is what I said “This is just one computer model estimate of snow, and the forecast will most likely change, so take this with a big grain of salt!”

      Watch Severe Weather Expert Patrick Powell tonight on Fox11 News at 5pm for the snow forecast.

  5. cathy engel says:

    You tell them Doug!! You guys rock. It’s a tough job to predict upcoming weather. So far, I’m loving the snowless winter and hope it sticks around. I have tulips peaking out alread so spring is almost here!! Keep up the good work and don’t let a few knuckle hot heads bother you. It’s mother nature–females are always unpredictable. :)

  6. blackriver says:

    Gee whiz, sorry

  7. wishy washy says:

    Mr. higgins i would like to apologize on behalf of my little brother black river, he is an idiot, and only 13 yrs old, he tends to take the forecasts very seriously and if your off by a degree, he freaks out, plz dont let him get to you guys.

  8. hatewinter says:

    We live in Wisconsin…weather changes by the minute..LOL! Love you guys @ Fox 11

  9. Steve says:

    I think Mr. Higgins and the others do a great, great job–WLUK is the finest in our market. Although not my field of expertise, it does not take a genuis to figure out that meteorologists (as well as most other professions) deal with probabilities–predicting the weather is not a science. Same as doctors, financial professionals, etc., Doug, Patrick, and their posse do a fantastic job of bringing us the weather.

  10. snow joke says:

    4 to 6 inches this wknd?????? dont they really mean 4 to 6 cm

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