Snow is South; Where’s ours? 022312

February 23rd, 2012 at 9:04 am by under News, Weather

Will the third time for snow be the charm for us?  We have been looking at a chance of snow tonight, Sunday and next Wednesday and it is looking like the middle of next week may be the best bet.  A mostly cloudy day is ahead for us.  Snow is possible overnight but the best chance  will be to the southern part of our viewing area; even there, only up to an inch of snow is expected.  The storm system bringing the snow is tracking much farther south than forecast yesterday so it’ll be another one that misses us.   There is a chance for heavy snow in Chicago overnight so if you have travel plans through there, car or air, be aware.   As for that major storm for the weekend, it’s looking like yet another near miss (or is it “near-hit”).  The track for that should stay more to the northwest of the area which means the heavier snow will be to the north and western part of the state and into the upper peninsula.  We have a chance of snow on Sunday into Monday morning but not much accumulation is expected at this time. That’s our second strike but it looks like the third time could be the one. Another storm that will develop near Colorado early next week will track to the northeast. It will have plenty of Gulf moisture to work with and temperatures will be cold enough to bring significant snow to a part Wisconsin on Wednesday.  Of course as we’ve seen just in the last 24 hours things could change so we’ll keep you updated here on and on Good Day Wisconsin and FOX 11 News at 5 and 9.  Have a great day.

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