Belt brings Spartan pride to young wrestlers

February 7th, 2012 at 5:35 pm by under Sports

Wrestling can take some extra motivation, and for Luxemburg-Casco, Aaron Rodgers is bringing it; or at least his touchdown dance.

The Spartans wrestling program caps off with their top-ranked high schoolers, but in what seemingly everyone called “The Program,” Luxemburg-Casco has a booming youth wrestling program with kids as young as four-years old.

That’s where the “Hardest Working Sucker” comes in, pictured to the right.  18-year-olds need not apply for the belt, it goes to the young wrestler who worked the hardest in practice.  Coaches make an effort to spread the honor around.

The “Sucker” award comes with, of course, a lollipop.

Two rules for the wrestler who wins, a youth coach told me: whom ever wins has to wear the belt to class the next day.  Helps bring up enrollment and, come on, it’s a sweet belt.  The other rule?  When you win and put on the belt for the first time, you have to do Rodgers’ “Discount Double Check”-belt move.

During practice, as you see in the picture, the belt watches over the young wrestlers from a padded post in the middle of the wrestling room.  Luxemburg-Casco head coach Bob Berceau credits the school’s youth program with his team’s consistent success.

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