Winter snowfall above average

February 8th, 2011 at 1:59 pm by under Uncategorized

We have only named three storms so far this winter, but our snowfall is still above average. This season we have picked up 43.0”, which is around 9” above average. Less than half of that total has come from named storms. In other words, this winter has had numerous shot of minor snow accumulations.

So what’s at stake for the rest of the winter? Meteorologically speaking, there are only 20 days left in the season. Let’s face it though; winters in Northeast Wisconsin extend well past February. In fact, we typically see an average of 18.6 additional inches of snow between now and our last snowfall.

March is no push over. It’s a month that averages 9.2” of snow. However, in recent years our March’s have been kind. Last year we had no snow in March for the first time on record. The chance of that repeating this year is very slim. We are expected to still be in a la nina this spring. It’s a pattern that has typically brought Northeast Wisconsin above average snowfall.

If the rest of the winter plays by the average, we will come away with more than 61 inches of snow. That will make it the third snowiest winter in the last ten years. It would also fall into the range of our winter forecast which called for between 60 and 75 inches of snow.

Meteorologist Andrew Thut

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