Slight Risk For Storms (created 7-16)

July 16th, 2010 at 11:58 am by under Uncategorized

There is a slight risk for severe thunderstorms this afternoon and this evening.  Isolated storms will form that could contain hail and damaging winds.  Saturday evening/overnight we could see more storms.  Saturday’s storms need to be watched closely as damaging winds and heavy rainfall is possible.  With the flooding rain we received this week we obviously don’t need another round of heavy rain. Stay tuned to Fox11 for any weather updates.

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  1. Billie Carroll says:

    I like it that at any time I can go to fox11online to check the radar and get updates every 5 minutes on storms when they are moving into the area. One feature I would like to see added to the interactive radar is a predicter. I live in Oshkosh so it would be nice if I could advance the storm to see about what time it will be in Oshkosh and to see if the storm will increase or weaken before it gets to Oshkosh. I know during your forcasts on TV you will advance it to show future time of when to expect a storm but that time is only acurate if you live near Green Bay. This is just a suggestion if you are looking for ways to improve or looking for input of what your viewers are looking for. Thank you for your time, and please consider what I thought of. Feel free to e-mail me back if you would like further information as to this idea.

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