I Left My Child with Strangers

July 6th, 2010 at 10:00 am by under Uncategorized

And she did just fine.
Bella survived her first overnight at camp. In fact, she did better than survive. She was beaming when we arrived at her weeklong “day” camp for a Parents Night program. I had brought along her sleeping bag and pajamas and flashlight but didn’t really think she would want any of it. Both my husband and I fully expected her to come home with us. She doesn’t do sleepovers yet. She even has a tough time at her cousin’s house when we are with her but in a different room. But her counselor said she had been talking about staying overnight all day long. So we helped her set up her cot. We brought along a stuffed animal for her to cuddle. And asked her if she would kindly remember to brush her teeth. It was tough letting go but exciting to see our 8-year-old show some independence. After the program she ran off with her friends and we went home.. still FULLY expecting a call from the camp to go back and get her. No call. No problems. And a “when can I go to camp again!” when we picked her up the next afternoon.

I’d like to send her back today.

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    Do you know if they pass the unemployment extension and when will they sigh the bill?

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