Welcome Back Tiger!

March 16th, 2010 at 9:51 pm by under Sports

    With Tiger Woods announcement that he is going to play the Masters, there is only one thing that I thought: Finally!

    I know Tiger has lost a lot in the eyes of the public, and deservedly so.  He’s a cheater, womanizer, a cad, and a maybe even a misogynist to a certain extent.  That being said, I never looked towards him for marital advice or as a familial role model.   I didn’t even care what type of clothing he wore, razor he shaved with, car he drove, drink he drank or where he invested his money.  I only wanted, and still want, one thing from Tiger: to watch him play golf.

     Entertainment.  That is the only thing that Tiger is good for to me.  I could care less what his personal life it like, as long as I get to see him work his magic in a final round and win another major championship.  It’s not that I give his personal life a pass, it’s just that it doesn’t affect how I watch the sport. 

     I cover athletes for a living, and the stories I hear that I can’t report would make your hair stand on end, and ruin your faith in many well known players.  Not all of them are the same, but enough are like Tiger for me to ignore the entire group as people I look up to for how to live my life.  I think Charles Woodson is cool (see my other blog post) but I’m not taking cues from him how to act.  I just enjoy the cool.  With Tiger, I enjoy the golfing drama.

      Woods belongs on the golf course for him to matter.   When he finally gets back, I will be happy to see him, and I hope he’s as good as he was before he left.  I’m just in it for the entertainment.

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  1. pamela grignon says:

    oh please

  2. I think that u guys here @ fox 11 should have a sports website all to its self you can call fox11sports.com

  3. Earl says:

    hey i liked your hair today during the broadcast

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