A Christmas like the GOOD ol’ days

January 11th, 2010 at 10:05 am by under Uncategorized

The iphone is my new Simon
Not that Simon. (Although that reminds me that American Idol starts tomorrow.)
Do you remember the electronic memory game from the 80′s called SIMON?
I was obsessed with it! I played it over and over and over. Kind of like the Rubik’s cube. Only I was much better at Simon than Rubik’s.
Well anyway, I can’t think of a gift I’ve received since then that brought me so much fun. I get clothes and books and music and things for the house and workout clothes. My sports watch is a neat gadget, and the ipod is awesome. But the iphone with it’s apps has consumed me lately.
It started about a month ago when I searched for word games.
I love BOGGLE. And I found a couple of free apps that have the same concept.
Over the holidays, instead of reading a book, I found myself taking the iphone to bed with me!
I played SCRAMBLE until my eyes melted out of my head.
Over and over and over.
I even dreamed about words and the other words I could make with that word.
Not since the days of Space Invaders have I been so obsessed.

I met up with my college friends over the weekend in NYC.
One of them accused me of being addicted to my iphone.
I only updated my Facebook twice and showed her a couple of neat photo apps.
I mean, that was nothing.
If she only knew about my TRUE obsession and how much time I REALLY spent on my word games.
I was a little embarrassed.
So I kept my iphone tucked away.
Until I was seated comfortably(?) at the airport.. With a MILLION other people zeroed in on their iphones!

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