GOOD effort. So So Garden.

September 23rd, 2009 at 5:46 am by under Uncategorized

Today is the first day of fall. For many of you .. It’s harvest season. The tomatoes are ripe on the vine! So how did your garden do this year? Were you successful? We expected to see a lot of first time gardeners this year with people trying to save money. First lady Michelle Obama tried to inspire us at the beginning of the growing season by showing off the White House garden. So.. I decided to give it a try. But remember this picture from an earlier blog?


“Diseased” is how horticulturist Mark Konlock described my seeds. But I persevered. I transplanted the good ones. Took some fresh seeds and planted them directly in the ground. And look! Some success! (Despite the efforts of one very annoying rabbit)


I also bought some starter tomato plants from a neighbor with a bright green thumb. $1.25 each and they are amazing. Especially the ones I planted directly in the ground and not in containers. (Yellow Pear on left. Brandywine on right)


So here’s what I learned:

*Gardening takes a lot of time and WATER!!!

*You CAN save $$.

*BUNNIES destroy plants.

*The “fruits” of your labor are very rewarding.

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