Battle of the gardeners! A GOOD deal either way.

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And now a story about impatiens. In my previous post I shared a photo of my poor attempt at starting plants from seed. In fact, it looked as if all the impatiens seedlings drowned. Then one day I noticed that something was growing. And check this out. From ONE seed.. I got this an entire container full of pink impatiens.


Just imagine what I can do next year with an ENTIRE SEED PACKET of impatiens seeds!!!

And that is my story of my $1 impatiens.

Along the way Good Day Wisconsin’s executive producer also tried to grow flowers and veggies from seed. You’ll soon read why she failed. You’ll also learn how she found a way to still gardens on a budget.


I also started planting seeds when Rachel did, but I didn’t have the patience to keep up with them.
But to be honest, I didn’t give them the care they needed, plus my dog Lambeau got hungry and ate some of the seeds, dirt and all.
So I decided to scratch the seeds and buy plants with buds already on them, those she stayed away from for the most part, except she did get to a hosta I bought before I got it planted in the ground.
I started enjoying planting when I was in high school, my friend Cara and I got a job at a local greenhouse and learned so much. We worked throughout the winter, ironically, planting seeds. And once spring came, that’s when we got to see all of our hard work come to life, the colors and smells throughout the greenhouse were amazing.
I learned a lot in the many years I worked there, but I also have learned a lot while planting at home.
Here are some of my tips, wait until the end of May and early June to get things planted. This is also safe, considering we get frost sometimes late in May.
Watch for sales, I didn’t buy any plants that were full price.
My best purchase, a flat of impatiens for $10.


Another thing I learned, shop around. I probably bought flowers from 6 different stores and greenhouses.
I also fertilized on a weekly basis, from June through August.
And if you’re planting in large containers, instead of filling it all with potting soil, my dad found some styrofoam for me, so we broke that down and filled the containers about 3/4 of the way and then added soil to the top, so I saved on potting soil and if you have to move the container, it’s much lighter.

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