The Swine Flu.. or just the GOOD ol’ fashioned kind?

September 11th, 2009 at 10:29 am by under Uncategorized

Took firstborn to doctor yesterday to see what’s up. She was home from school all week with a sore throat, then fever, then cough. Doctor checked her out and said “yep, it could be swine flu.”

┬áSo it it?? We’ll never know. We could have gotten a culture taken and sent off to the lab. But the results take 5 to 7 days!! By then I hope to have her BACK IN SCHOOL where she belongs. I talked to another doc who said there is a “rapid” test but it’s not very accurate.belladocfixframe

The vaccine isn’t available around here. And the treatment can give you the same symptoms as the flu itself.

So.. We walked out with advice to get rest and plenty of fluids. I felt so bad for bringing my germ infested daughter to the doctor’s office.

And I feel bad for Bella. She LOVES LOVES LOVES school. And was so excited to start second grade. Her new school outfit has been sitting out all week long. Waiting. I mean she loves school so much that she squealed when I told her I was picking up some homework from her teacher and bringing it home with me.

Bottom line. Lots of questions about the H1N1 and we will hopefully get some answers next week. Dr. Al will join us live on Good Day Wisconsin on Tuesday with some helpful information. Until then.. Wash your hands thoroughly. (I know that’s what he would say)

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  1. What’s the difference between Bird Flu and Swine Flu? With Bird Flu, you need tweetment, but with Swine Flu, you’ll need oinkment! Ba-doom-tsh.

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