12th coolest summer on record

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It might feel like summer just started, but today marks the official start of the meteorological Fall. It leaves behind a season full of records.

The average temperature during the meteorological summer, which runs from June through August, was 65.2°. That number may not mean a lot to you, but it means that this summer was the 12th coolest on record!
Not only was it cool, but we haven’t had a lot of precipitation. When you don’t get precipitation, it is hard to get severe weather. The only reports of severe weather this summer were on July 27th, when Green Lake County experienced a weak tornado and small hail. It was the first time on record, that there was no report of severe weather in the month of June.

The National Weather Service, in Green Bay, only issued 29 severe weather warnings this summer. The next fewest ever issued in a summer was 83 in 1997.

Of course it is still possible to get severe weather over the next couple of months, but attention will start to shift towards cooler temperatures.

The average high for this time of year is 75°, but by the last day of the meteorological fall, which is November 30th, the average high is only 35°. During the same time period, the average low falls from 53° to 19°.
If you aren’t quite ready for the cooler temperatures, the good news is that warm weather is ahead over the next week. Meanwhile, the Climate Prediction Center, thinks that above average temperatures will continue over the next three months. This doesn’t mean that every day will have warm temperatures, but as a general consensus, the CPC believes that temperatures will trend warmer than cooler.
But even with above average temperatures, the mercury will continue to slide over the next few months, and the form of precipitation will shift from rain to snow. In fact, Green Bay has even seen a trace of snow by the third week of September. However, on average the first measurable snowfall, doesn’t occur till November 11th.
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