A Different Kind of Camping: Packers Training Camp Day 1 and 2

August 2nd, 2009 at 6:23 pm by under Uncategorized

A Different Kind of Camping


   Welcome back to Packers Training Camp!  It’s a whole new look this year- for everyone involved.  For the players, the new field takes a little getting used to, but the slipping and sliding around of the first day seemed to get a little better on day two of camp.  For the fans, it’s a much better view of camp, as they have a place to watch that is a little more comfortable than dodging the traffic on Oneida.  With the raised stands, they get a better view, and can hear the players better as well.   For the media, it isn’t that much different, though we have a nice afternoon shade spot, thanks to the Don Hutson Center.

   Sunday was offensive penalty day at camp.  Not officially, of course, but it could have been.  False starts, illegal snaps, poor play.  At one point I thought Aaron Rodgers was going to pop someone.  Still, lots of time left in camp to clean that up.  Even with the new system being put in place, the defense looks to be ahead of the offense right now.  Some players have been standing out- Jeremy Thompson looks good in coverage- he told me he lost some weight, trying to get quicker- though he hasn’t be able to get by the likes of Chad Clifton.  No one gets by Chad Clifton in training camp, by the way.  They just don’t.

      Hopefully the kinks will be worked out as they go along.   Hit of camp so far, by the way, Nick Collins giving DeShawn Wynn a forearm shot and de-cleated him!   We’ll hopefully get more fun as the days go on.

5 Responses to “A Different Kind of Camping: Packers Training Camp Day 1 and 2”

  1. Tavaris says:

    My knee hurts. Do you think my job is in jepoardy?

    1. blue wolf says:

      My knee hurts. Do you think my job is in jepoardy?

  2. katie freund says:

    I’ve been a Packer fan my whole life, but i got no greater pleasure than watching Brett Favre stick it to the Pack last night. Hopefully Ted Thompson is crying in his coffee this morning for letting our legend go! I hope the Vikings go to the Superbowl this year! Brett, you still have it and lots of people in GB still love you!
    Brett 4 ever

  3. Jerry Taylor says:

    Well, I can only say 1 thing after watching the Pac get rubbed out by the Bucs: When can we say enough is enough? When is it time to let heads roll? How long do we have to suffer with Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthey? I don’t see any improvements week after week- whether its our offensive line not protecting Aaron, Aaron for holding on to the ball, like it’s his security blanket, or the “amazing 3 – 4 defense that lets a rookie quarterback take his time unloading the ball?
    I’m so pissed off, I can’t even think straight. I’ve got tickets for the Dallas game, and am seriously thinking about selling them, because I don’t think the Packers are worth my hard earned $$$.

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