Come canoeing with me!

July 26th, 2009 at 9:07 pm by under Sports

  Day One: There is little like the tranquility of a canoe trip, and the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota is one of the most beautiful and accessable places on earth.   A million acres of lakes and wilderness to explore.

    I got a chance to take the trip in mid-July, my second one to the Boundary Waters area.  I also took a small camera with me, and did a video blog day by day while I was there- click here for the link for day one!  While the first couple of days were nice weather for paddling and portaging, the last four were where nature decided to take it out on us, with wind, rain and cold the rest of the way.  However, the scenery was still stunning, and with a group of young people (14-18 year-olds) it was fun to see them discover the wilderness for the first time.

Day Two:  Click here for day two of my video blog!

Day two of the journey in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota was sunny but windy, and portent of things to come. We paddled and portaged about 12 miles, going deeper into wilderness.
We also stopped at a campsite that was on the edge of a set of cliffs to do some cliff jumping for the younger members of our group. Everyone had a great time making the leap, and everyone got down, and back in the canoe, safely!
Wildlife hasn’t been as plentiful as expected, but we’ve had glimpses of eagles and loons, and got some fishing in in the evening, to no avail. I can safely say no fish were injured in the taping of these segments! User error, I’m sure.


Day Three in the Boundary Waters: Click here for my video blog day three!

A windy, and rainy day today, as we pushed south through the Boundary Waters to lake Muckwa, staying on an island campsite for the third night in a row.

The weather has turned a little on us, as we got some more wind, with some rain as well.  We had an interesting view of some loons today, as well as an area that had been decimated by a forest fire within the last year- just gutted between lakes.   Interesting to see how nature cleanses the landscape.

Still no fish, but maybe tomorrow!

Day Four on the Boundary Waters: Click here for my video blog day four!

Another day on the Boundary Waters, and another day of gray weather.  Nonetheless, we made almost 10 miles again, stopping on an island campsite for the night.

Last night a frightening front came through with high winds and severe pressure changes that actually pulled our tent pegs out of the ground and took down part of our dining fly.  You never know what you will find when you head out to the wilderness, so be prepared!  The fish are still eluding us, but we’re hoping to get at least one before we have to pull out.


Day five on the Boundary Waters: Click here for video blog day five!

Day five of my trip to the Boundary waters was, unfortunately, a gray day again.  We haven’t seen the sun since Monday afternoon, so are feeling rather soggy. 

Today we canoed in the worst conditions I have ever experience in my time in a canoe!  The waves were so large, we had to angle into them to make sure we didn’t capsize, and still we weren’t sure we wouldn’t go under.  We probably shouldn’t have been out on the water.  However, we were without a campsite, so had to plow through to get to somewhere we could set up camp.

We also hit the longest portage on our trip: 240 rods.  One rod = 16 feet, with 320 in a mile, so a 2/3 mile high through woods and mud with a 70 pound canoe or pack on your back is a tough one.  We made it, however, and plan to push to the end of our journey tomorrow.

Boundary Waters day six: Here’s the link to the video blog day six!

Day six, and we are off the water, a day earlier than planned, thanks to the weather.   After four wet days, we decided to get out a day early to get warm and dry!  

Our last night we got more rain and wind, and before bed ate all the deserts remaining in the food barrel!  We had pudding, cheesecake, and camp muffins to warm our spirits and our bellies- delicious!

We ended up traveling more than 56 miles on the water and through the portage trails, seeing lots of wildlife, and having a ton of fun.  The experience, which is life changing for some who come out here, will be a lifetime memory for the young people who came with us especially.

Check out my other Boundary Waters information for more tidbits about the million acre wilderness area that gives a once in a lifetime experience.
Check back every day, and I’ll have more updates from the Boundary Waters, one of the most beautiful places on earth!

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  1. Jean Bachmann says:

    Way to go Drew! You nailed it!! I’ve been to the BWCAW 7 times, and you summed up the experience perfectly! Too bad you hit so much rain. We did this year also, and I was saying my prayers as we paddled into the whitecaps and wind!! All is well; just another adventure to look back on when I’m 80!!!
    Thanks for a job well done.

    1. Sofia says:

      Rain doesn’t bring the Huron to good ranbunle levels very often this time of year, wish I had paddled it with you. My comment to HCMA or any law enforcement people is always “kayakers like us are the best rescue squad you have”. I demonstrated this last May by pulling a lone boater out of the water near Dexter while fire department people could only look on. When water is high and eddies begin to vanish, I do feel safer when there are at least three boats in my group. hazards like tree falls and bridge abutments (canoes and kayaks can get folded around obstacles like these with fatal results). Managing these risks is not that hard to do and I look forward to doing the Hudson Mills to Delhi run next time the water is up. SYOTR

  2. Stephen says:

    Thank you for posting this.

  3. Hey Drew i thuink tht it would be cool to start a site called devoted to the areas finest sports tell me what u think

  4. Carol says:

    He should call it the canoe adventures. Nice one drew

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