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June 10th, 2009 at 5:03 pm by under Sports

Packers public OTA (organized team activity) for Wednesday, June 10.

Conditions- perfect for practice!  Sunny and 65, light breeze. Of course, that’s also perfect for golfing, but hey, we all have to make sacrifices.


11:15 am- Stretch them out- some faces returning to camp- LB Clay Matthews (1st round pick 2009) is participating today, and NT Ryan  Pickett also is here.  S Atari Bigby is also participating today.  It will be interesting to see how he picks up the new defense.  He has said it is perfect for a safety who likes to come up and hit, which he does.  Speaking of safeties, Nick Collins absence has become conspicuous.  He says it isn’t contract related, and I have a good source that tells me his family issues truly are tough right now, so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.


11:25- Seems like we are down a punter- only two on the field.  Adam Graessle is nowhere to be seen.  I mean, how injured do you have to be to not be able to take a knee on the grass, like most punters do for 75% of the practice? (Note: Just found out he was cut!  That’s how you have to be as a punter to miss practice…)


11:35- Brad Goode is snapping into a net, but when they turn around and do punter snap catching practice, they use the JUGGS machine.  Someone please explain that to me.  Perhaps they would get done too quickly if they put the two drills together, ie: the long snapper practicing snapping to the punter who is practicing catching.  Call me crazy…


11:45- Had a great conversation with former long snapper Rob Davis, who is now in charge of player development in a non-football sense.  He puts together a program that teaches the players how to handle their money, all about taxes, beware of groupies, find a passion after football.  He mentioned how Brett Favre can’t step away from the game because he doesn’t have anything else in his life he is passionate about enough to make him move into that realm.  Rob’s doing a great service to the young players, if only they will listen.  We’ll do a story on this soon.


11:53- Matt Flynn running the offense.  Have you ever noticed he looks just like Matt Damon?  I told him I enjoyed his work in the Jason Bourne series, but Matt didn’t think that was particularly funny.  I’m guessing he gets this all the time.  Maybe he switches identities as a pick-up line, however.  No? Just me who thought of this?


12:02- OL coach James Campen is urging his troops to put a little more hustle in between drills, in a little more colorful language than I’m comfortable using here.  His players respond well, and get their feet off the ground as they walk to the next drill.


12:05- DL Aaron Kampman is getting some one on one attention with coach Kevin Greene.  This is going to be quite a journey for Aaron.  He did himself no favors by his frosty interview last week, making those who heard it assume he was angry.  I think he’s just cautious, because he has made a couple of pro bowls and doesn’t know if his skill set will translate.  If anyone knows that position, however, Kevin Greene is the guy.


12:10- I look down on the sidelines, and I see various hats and sweatshirts, and sweatpants lined up.  It reminds me of my daughter’s school.  All in a neat row and in numerical order, each with the player’s number sewn in the back, just like my daughters name in her school stuff.  What happens to all that gear when someone gets cut?  Does the next 41 just get the stuff the other guy wore, regardless of fit?  Or does he get to pick out new stuff?  So many questions unanswered…


12: 15- General Manager Ted Thompson shows up in his customary baseball cap and sunglasses.  I say hello, he nods.  Not much information exchanged.  I don’t think he’s going to show his cards on the Jennings or Collins extensions, but it’s nice to be acknowledged.


12:25- About 100 railbirds were watching practice today.  They were treated to some nice catches by Jordy Nelson, Jermichael Finley, Brett Swain (!) and Korey Hall.  Not a loud group, but very dedicated to be attending an OTA.


12:30- Souvenirs!  Punter Durant Brooks has just shanked two punts onto Oneida Street!  Into traffic!  Luckily, no one drove off the road.  I’m thinking if you can’t keep it in the practice facility, your chances of making the team are looking a little worse.


12:45- Nice play by Brandon Chillar- tipping an Aaron Rodgers pass in the air, then making a nice catch for the interception.  A very interesting dress choice for the linebackers, by the way.  Chillar likes his sleeves hiked all the way over his shoulders (Welcome to the gun show!) and has neoprene leggings under his shorts.  Poppinga is the same way.  AJ Hawk and Desmond Bishop, on the other hand, have the neoprene top AND bottom under their jersey and shorts, while most everyone else is just in shirt and shorts.  Maybe they called each other before practice…


12:54- Did I mention Jordy Nelson has been making some nice catches?  Gets another.  James Jones will have a fight on his hands this training camp for that number three spot.


1:04- There has been a Pat Lee sighting!  He had a couple of nice knock aways today.  Would be nice if he were to develop into a future replacement for the “two aging corners” (I believe copy law dictates we have to refer to Woodson and Harris that way), but I’m not sold just yet.


1:12- Practice finishes!  Another OTA in the books.  The Packers have more next week, then the mandatory mini-camp is from June 22-24.

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  1. sue says:

    ARod could be a great quarterback but Packers give him no protection. Where is the coaching staff. Maybe we need a better staff or players to protect the quarterback.

    If they cant get better i woulkdnt blame Rogers if he left.

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