Mickelson Doing the Right Thing

May 20th, 2009 at 2:51 pm by under Uncategorized

      Phil Mickleson is a study in contrasts in his golf game.  He’s a gambler who goes for amazing shots, making some of them, but a player who plays with precision around the greens.  He’s a player who has won dozens of tournaments, but a brain freeze cost him a US Open.  However, there is no doubt where his priorities lie.  When his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, he did not hesitate, immediately cancelling all plans, including playing on the tour, to be with his family.

     Mickleson’s family has grown up in front of golf fans, starting with finishing second to the late Payne Stewart in the US Open in 1999, with Payne cupping Phil’s face in his hands, telling him just after Stewart’s winning putt went down not to worry about the title, that it would never mean nearly as much as the impending birth of Phil’s first daughter.  From there to the sight, over and over, of Phil’s wife and little girls running onto the green to help him celebrate a tournament win, including three majors.

      I’m not a huge Phil fan, but I absolutely applaud his dedication to his family and wish his wife Amy the very best in her recovery.  Here’s hoping all goes well, and we see Phil back on the course soon, back to a normal life with a wife who is cancer free.

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